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Apatos is a biocompatible, osteoconductive biomaterial of heterologous origin with characteristics similar to mineralized human bone; it can therefore be used as an alternative to autologous bone. The natural microporous consistency of Apatos facilitates the formation of new bone tissue in bone defect area(6), accelerating the process. Apatos microcrystalline hydroxyapatite is available in cortical and mixed granules.Apatos is a universal filler, that can be used to treat peri-implant defects and two-wall defects. Because of its granulometry, Apatos cannot be used in narrow defects, but it fits well in big sockets, e.g. after molar extractions. Both sinus lift procedures (with crestal or lateral access) can be performed with Apatosas bone substitute, as well as surgeries for horizontal regenerations.

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