Dual-Block is a cortico-cancellous block of xenogenic bone with osteoconductive characteristics. It can be used when the regeneration of big volumes is needed: thanks to the collagen content that promotes blood clotting and migration of regenerative and repairing cells(1), the graft offers an adequate support for tissue reconstruction and is gradually resorbed, while new bone is produced by osteoblasts.

Dual-Block must be hydrated before use with sterile lukewarm physiological solution or with antibiotics (5/10 minutes for Soft version; up to 40 minutes for Norm version). Afterwards, the block can be adapted to the receiving site which must be accurately decorticated in order to guarantee maximum contact; the block should always be fixed with osteosynthesis microscrews and protected with Evolution membrane.

Dual-Block can be grafted with the onlay technique only to augment horizontally heavily resorbed maxilla. The gaps around the block can be filled with a biomaterial in granules to achieve the desired volume and contour of the augmented recipient site.

The above clinical information is based on the experience of expert surgeons.

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