Heterologous bone grafting material made of a mix of collagenated cortico-cancellous granules of size ranging from 600 to1000 µm, properly blended with TSV Gel, which is a mixture of heterologous type I and III collagen gel with polyunsaturated fatty acids and a biocompatible synthetic copolymer diluted in aqueous solution. GTO® is gradually resorbed and it is extremely osteoconductive. Moreover, the preserved collagen matrix characterizing the granules facilitates blood clotting and the subsequent invasion of repairing and regenerative cells. These unique properties guarantee an excellent rate of new bone formation, delivering adequate graft volume preservation, a healthy new bony tissue and, ultimately, a successful implant rehabilitation. The presence of the same kind of granules of its progenitor, mp3®, which are very similar to human mineral bone, assures a similar biological response of the host tissue. GTO® can be used as alternative to autologous bone.

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