Three Axis Movement

The three-axis scanning mechanism and the wide scanning chamber allow OPTOR CLINIC to acquire data of both, individual tray and triple trays impressions; these last get automatically flipped to be scanned on both sides.

Wizard Mode

OPTOR C is a fully automated software and it provides a unique scanning experience by guiding users through a predefined workflow.

Parallel Meshing

The advanced processing algorithms of OPTOR C allow to scan and generate triangular surfaces in parallel. This makes the scanner always available for scanning while the software, in the background, handles the data processing and loading into the customer space.

Light Regulation

OPTOR C automatically detects the scanning light configuration and adjusts it to any object color. This means that impressions in difficult-to-scan light materials can be acquired as easily as matt surfaces.

Guaranteed High Accuracy and Repeatability

The newly designed calibration master, digitized and measured with certified instrumentation, allows high accuracy and constant repeatability over time. The accuracy is less than 10μm and the repeatability less than 5μm, according to the ISO 12836 dental sector’s standard specifications.