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Sp-Block is a cancellous block of xenogenic bone produced with an exclusive Tecnoss® process which avoids ceramization of the hydroxyapatite crystals, thus accelerating physiological resorption. Sp-Block supports new bone formation: thanks to its rigid consistency it is able to maintain the original graft volume, which is particularly important in case of large regenerations. Moreover, its collagen content facilitates blood clotting and the subsequent invasion of regenerative and repairing cells, favoring the restitutio ad integrum of missing bone.

Sp-Block must be hydrated before use for 5/10 minutes with sterile lukewarm physiological solution or with antibiotics.
Afterwards, it can be adapted to the receiving site; the block must always be fixed with osteosynthesis microscrews and should be protected with a resorbable membrane (Evolution).

Sp-Block has been documented in cases where a vertical gain in the posterior mandible is required, to achieve an augmentation of maximum 5 mm, by means of the inlay technique. The gaps around the block can be filled with a biomaterial in granules; the augmented area in stabilized with mini-plates and screws and covered with an Evolution membrane.

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