Tooth Grinder (TT Tooth Transformer)


The tooth fragments are placed in the Tooth Grinder®, which is equipped with special blades that grind the tooth. The container is made of thermoplastic material while the blades are made of surgical steel and work at very low revolutions.

What is the Tooth Grinder?

It is the heart of our system, it allows to produce a calibrated granulate (0.4 – 0.8 mm) suitable for bone regeneration. The Tooth Grinder is made of high performance glass reinforced thermoplastic material and medical steel, designed to be autoclaved. The Tooth Grinder is guaranteed for up to 100 uses.

  • Materials: high performance glass reinforced thermoplastic polymer and medical steel
  • Sterilization: in autoclave at 121°C for 16 min or 134°C for 5-7 min
  • Recommended number of sterilization cycles: max 100 cycles
Package: 1pcs