Yirro-plus® UHR Mirror COMFORT startset


The Yirro-plus® COMFORT system is switched manually: you take out the mirror from the docking station and switch in ON and OFF by a toggle switch. The air flow is regulated by a turn knob. 

Once installed, the Yirro-plus® COMFORT start set provides all you need to start right away and work for several hours, according to hygiene rules. Practical cleaning and sterilization instructions are included in the package. Mirrors and handles are fully autoclavable.

A Yirro-plus® COMFORT start set contains:

  • 4 handles
  • 4 mirrors (2×2 sizes)
  • 1 regulator with manual ON/OFF toggle-switch / air coupling
  • 1 docking station with universal docking / adaptor docking
  • 1 cleaning box for protected cleaning of mirror heads
  • 4 no-SPOT autoclave caps for prevention of ‘solid spots on mirrors
  • air connection supply i.e. quick couplings: Q.D. coupling ø4mm / NW 2.7 and T-6mm
  • 1 user manual & installation instruction

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